March 18, 2019

We’ve made it our full time job to buy a business. But not just any business, a business with the following criteria:


1. Headquartered in Greater Tampa Bay

We grew up here and Tampa will forever be our home. As a family, we’ve invested in local businesses for the past 20 years. And we believe a hands-on approach is best. Here is more on why we chose Tampa.

2. Revenues > $2M; Profit > $500K

All else being equal, we prefer bigger businesses. Businesses in this size range have the infrastructure, people and brand stability that is key to new buyers being successful.

3. A non-cyclical, decade-old business with consistent, steady cash flows

Said another way, we’re looking for a company that is not sensitive to economic cycles, has an established brand of 10+ years, and provides consistent positive cash flows. We’re always thinking about the next downturn. When it comes, we want to own and operate a business that will thrive.

4. Sellers who seek local, legacy buyers

Sellers have a lot of choices when it comes time to exit. For those who care most about who exactly takes over their reigns, we’re an ideal fit. Our success is dependent upon the culture and team already put in place. We have every intention of learning from and working with the existing team in order to provide a better future for everyone.
We’re still on the hunt, so back to it! We ask that you forward this email to any local business owner you know who might be interested in exiting in the near future.


Joey  &  Sam

PS – Interested in digging deeper? Read what we read:

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