Pursuant Capital is a Tampa-based, privately-financed search fund in pursuit of profitable small businesses to buy and operate for the long term.

We search for, acquire and operate profitable small businesses in West Central Florida. We work with business owners to transition their legacies to the next generation. With our permanent private capital, we operate without artificial time constraints or pressures. We focus on long-term growth and operational improvements for the benefit of all stakeholders. We partner with people we trust and with businesses that are a good "fit" for all parties.


In 1984, a professor at Stanford invented an investment model called the “Search Fund” where motivated, highly-trained entrepreneurs are backed by experienced advisors and investors to acquire an established business, and then operate and grow that business on a day-to-day basis as President/CEO. Since then, the number of active search funds, and the search fund community in general, has grown tremendously with much success.
Search funds have three stages:
  • Stage 1: Recruit Investor-Advisors
  • Stage 2: Search for and Acquire a Company
  • Stage 3: Operate and Grow the Business as President/CEO


Pursuant Capital is a fully-committed, local buyer and operator of businesses. We have the committed capital needed to buy the right target business. Our goal is to maintain and grow a business, and the business owner’s legacy, for the long term. We do so by providing liquidity, growth capital and day-to-day management. We are not a private equity firm or strategic buyer:
  Private Equity Competitor
Your Legacy, Our Commitment 100% of our time and effort to growing your company One of many business; little time or attention Absorbed as one of many divisions / subsidiaries
Timeline We are in it for the long haul 3-5 year strict timeline Depends on competitor
Day 1
We operate the company day-to-day alongside employees and advisors Company strategy dictated to employees by PE firm to maximize profit Integrate company into competitor; company likely goes away
"Permanent Capital" from entrepreneurs and operators Large institutions with strict mandates Competitor's balance sheet and credit lines
Goal Maintain company's legacy and grow the business Slash expenses, add debt, position company for re-sale Integrate company into the competitor
Depends on seller's desires; we are flexible Full-time commitment None
At Pursuant Capital, we understand that some sellers want to maintain part-time involvement or ownership with their business after the sale, while other sellers want to walk away completely at closing. Our business model provides the flexibility to structure a transaction in any way that best matches the seller's preferences.


We seek to acquire businesses with some or all of the following characteristics:

The Business

  • Located within 90 miles of Tampa International Airport.

  • Annual revenues of $2 - $20 million.

  • Track record of consistent profitability and revenues.

  • Industries that are not sensitive to economic cycles, technology advancements or regulatory risks.

The Situation

  • Sellers seeking liquidity and to reduce their day-to-day involvement.

  • Sellers that desire fully-committed, local buyers to maintain and grow their legacies.

  • Sellers wanting a buyer that values the "fit" with their people and organization.

We are two entrepreneurs searching for a business we can manage and grow. We are advised by a group of entrepreneurs and executives who have bought and successfully operated companies in many industries. Together, we have the experience and capital to buy businesses of all types.

Sam Rosati

Managing Partner

Sam’s career has focused on advising businesses during key transitional periods and daily operations, including mergers and acquisitions (M&A), corporate law and public accounting. Previously, Sam was an investment banker at Rosati Business Brokerage, a M&A advisory firm, a corporate lawyer at Foley & Lardner, a global law firm, and an accountant at PricewaterhouseCoopers. He graduated from the University of Virginia and the University of Florida. Sam is a licensed lawyer and CPA, and he actively invests in and advises local businesses. Sam is an active golfer, and he lives in the Tampa Bay area with his wife Lindsey.

Joey Rosati

Managing Partner

After graduating from the University of Florida with degrees in Finance and Entrepreneurship, Joey operated BarProducts.com as COO. Managing a staff of 70+, Joey operated the global e-commerce bar supply retailer from Largo, FL and New Salisbury, IN, overseeing all operations, including warehouse pick/pack/ship, website development, HR and installation of a new ERP and other systems. He has expanded his entrepreneurial talents with a portfolio of passive investments in tech, medical, real estate and hospitality businesses. Joey lives in Tampa and is an active soccer player and Gasparilla Krewe member.


Our advisers, a majority of whom reside in the Tampa Bay area, provide a wealth of experience, knowledge and a passion for operating small businesses. Together, we have the experience and capital to support an acquisition, as well as operate and grow the business, for the long term.


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Our group of Finance team members assists in the search, due diligence and acquisition of small businesses in Tampa Bay. We’re a tight-knit team with our finger on the pulse of the M&A industry.

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